Dragon on Mount Kinabalu2020

Dragon on Mount Kinabalu the dragon living on Mount Kinabalu would not see him

As early as the end of the fourteenth century, China had trade relations with many neighboring countries. The huge ocean-going fleet Zhang Fan sailed and brought back various treasures from all over the world. At that time, the cargo ships were loaded with gifts from Emperor Ming, and these gifts left a deep impression on the rulers of the neighboring countries.

Between 1405 and 1431, the envoy Zheng He sailed several times to the Indian Ocean. During a voyage through Brunei Borneo, he heard that a very vicious dragon lived on the local high mountain. Some people say that the dragon is guarding a very rare pink dragon ball.

When the fleet returned to China, Zheng He immediately told Emperor Ming about the story of the dragon and the orb. It is said that this giant dragon is very smart, and many people who want to steal Dragon Ball eventually return empty-handed. In addition, the mountains of Mount Kinabalu are dangerous, and the dragon lives on the top of the mountain, far above the clouds.

Dragon on Mount Kinabalu
Dragon on Mount Kinabalu

So Emperor Ming summoned his ministers to discuss ways to seize the orb. After carefully studying the clues provided by Zheng He, the emperor sent a fleet to explore Dragon Ball. The two sons of the emperor, Huang Ping, and Huang Shan, also participated in the voyage. After the two princes waved goodbye to their motherland, they set sail for Borneo.

When the ship arrived in Sabah, the soldiers rowed their boats ashore. They looked so glorious in uniform: dark green tops, pleated collars, brown bloomers, brown leather boots. Everyone wore a bright green belt around his waist, a spear was hung on his shoulder, and he wore a solid helmet. The infantry is equipped with bows and arrows and is wearing armor.

In order to capture Dragon Ball, the soldiers had to follow the winding road towards the top of Mount Kinabalu. At this time, the dragon was in the nest on the top of the mountain, watching the soldiers approaching step by step.

As the team was about to reach the top of the mountain, the dragon took a deep breath. When it appeared in front of the soldiers, everyone was stunned. The dragon has big red and black eyes. Its huge body is composed of purple, blue, and green. Its two chestnut claws are long and sharp like swords.

Before the soldiers could relax, they saw the dragon open its mouth and a huge wall of fire struck them head-on. In order to avoid the engulfment of flames, the soldiers had to temporarily retreat back to the mountainside.

The next day, Huang Ping and Huang Shan decided to go to the top of the mountain with the soldiers. But the same thing happened: the dragon appeared suddenly, spraying flames, forcing them to retreat back to the boat in the port. Seeing the soldiers retreat so anxiously, the dragon sat comfortably in the nest and smiled proudly.

That night, the two princes racked their brains trying to find a way to subdue the dragon. Huang Shan thought: “The dragon should leave the nest and go out for food!”The next day, Huang Shan spent a long time observing the terrain around the village. He decided to climb another mountain nearby to see if he could observe the dragon better.

On the way to climbing, Huang Shan found at first that he was always besieged by mist. When the clouds and mist spread out, he discovered that there was a large forest on the top of the mountain. The trunks of these old trees are sturdy and the branches are strong, and the lush foliage just hides. In this way, the dragon living on Mount Kinabalu would not see him. At this moment, the dragon was still observing whether there were soldiers under the mountain who wanted to steal the orbs from the mountain.

After a few hours, the dragon also became impatient. It got up and stretched its bones, determined that there was no one around, and went out to forage, and the pink dragon ball also lost its guard. Huang Shan looked at the position of the sun in the sky and calculated the time when the dragon left the nest. How he hoped that when the dragon left the nest for food tomorrow, the soldiers would have enough time to steal the dragon ball up the mountain.

But the idea was quickly dispelled because the dragon returned to the nest on the top of the mountain in a short time. Huang Shan thought: “It took less than a few hours to leave the nest.” After the disappointment, he had to go down to the port. However, he decided to continue to observe tomorrow whether the dragon always forages at the same time that day.

In the next few days, Huang Shan climbed to the top of the mountain and secretly observed the dragon hidden in the woods. Through observation, he discovered a rule: the dragon always forages at the same time, and within a few hours it must return to the nest. However, this discovery did not seem to bring him any comfort, because Huang Shan knew that the soldiers could not climb Mount Kinabalu in such a short time.

Just then, a leaf fell from the tree next to it, and followed the wind to the Mount Kinabalu where the dragon was. Huang Shanling had an idea, and the young prince hurried down the mountain to find the masters who made kites in the village to help. He asked the masters to make a giant kite with sails on the kite and a small footrest on the bottom. Moreover, he also asked the masters to attach a long rope to the kite. After the kite flies into the sky, people on the ground

The next day, Huang Shan and a small group of soldiers climbed up the mountain, went into the woods to hide, and secretly monitored the dragon on Mount Kinabalu. As soon as the dragon left the nest for food, Huang Shan set foot on the kite, and the soldiers helped him and the kite fly free. Riding the wind, Huang Shan and the kite flew to the dragon’s den; on the other side, the soldiers pulled the kite with rope. After a while, Huang Shan flew over the Dragon’s Cave.

When the kite approached the nest, he secretly took the Dragon Ball and left a pink lantern in hopes of cheating the dragon. The soldiers withdrew the rope forcefully, and the kite landed safely on the tree across the sky. After the kite landed, Huang Shan and the soldiers immediately returned to the ship on the port. He and his brother Huang Ping rowed together towards the fleet, ready to return.

But as soon as the fleet sailed not far from the port, everyone heard a terrible roar! The dragon was not deceived by the lantern and went down the mountain all the way to the sea. It was very angry, with red eyes and sharp claws tearing the trees apart. The dragon opened its big mouth to reveal its conspicuous teeth, and the scales on its body were blue-violet under the reflection of sunlight.

The dragon angrily wanted to burn the fleet and let the ship sink to the bottom of the sea. Although the fleet had sailed away from the port for some distance, the dragon leaped into the water and pursued it endlessly. Huang Shan had expected such an attack long ago, and he ordered the soldiers to prepare for artillery fire. When the dragon chased by the waves and was about to set fire to the ship, a shell fired at it.

The dragon saw a round luminous object flying towards it and thought it was its own dragon ball. It thought that the soldiers were guilty, and returned the Dragon Ball, so he opened his mouth and wanted to catch the Dragon Ball. Unexpectedly, once the dragon swallowed the hot shells, it sank to the bottom of the sea and disappeared without a trace. The soldiers were very happy because Huang Shan’s resourcefulness not only saved everyone but also successfully captured the orb for the emperor.

On the way back, Huang Ping became jealous of his brother. He saw that everyone praised his brother’s bravery and wit. Huang Ping was bored in the cabin for several days and nights, and finally, he decided to take the credit for taking the Orb exclusively. He believed that once the father emperor learned that the orb was captured by his brother’s wit, he would never get the orb again. Therefore, he secretly planned a strategy.

When the fleet docked, Huang Ping and Huang Shan immediately took the orb to see the emperor. When Huang Shan handed the orb to his father, Huang Ping stepped forward and claimed that he had come up with a kite to seize the orb and defeated the evil dragon with his wisdom.

Huang Shan was very disappointed with his brother, but he wanted his father to be embarrassed, so he did not reveal the truth. On the contrary, he boarded the ship again and set sail, starting the next round of sailing along with the northeast monsoon. Huang Shan let the fleet sail with the wind, but he didn’t care where he went. As a result, the boat was once again blown to Borneo and anchored at the mouth of the Brunei River.

When the king heard that Huang Shan was visiting, he sent his brother to meet Huang Shan. According to the usual customs, everyone exchanges gifts with each other, and Huang Shan also feels happy in his heart, as if returning to his hometown.

Therefore, Huang Shan and the king became good friends. He also proposed to the king the idea of ​​marrying the princess. Out of love and admiration for Huang Shan, the king quickly agreed to the request. On the wedding day, beautiful music fluttered over the banquet, and the banquet was full of delicious food. Years later, the king felt that he was getting weaker. He knew that Huang Shan was a wise man. Therefore, after he ordered his death, Huang Shan, the brave dragon hero, would become the new king.

Huang Shangang’s unyielding behavior brought him joy and respect, but his brother Huang Ping’s lies and deceit could only cause pain.

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