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The Story Of Never-Ending Yarn&Monkey King and Ghost

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman in a mountainous village in Turkey. This old woman had three daughters. Their daughter’s names were Yersin, Yolsen, and Yönsen. This family was very poor and tried to make their living by knitting long red rugs every day.

One day, these three sisters decided to escape from this quiet quiet village where nothing was exciting. They were determined to explore the magnificent and huge world, to start new lives, and to experience adventures. The three sisters found their mother spinning wool and hugged her to say goodbye. Their mothers hugged them tightly and said: ‘My daughters, go if you have to go, but I have one last request before you go’.

As he said these words, the mother pulled out three long thread spools and handed each of them to a daughter. ‘I will tie these threads to your ankles,’ said the mothers, ‘and I will observe if they are moving. If they are moving, it means that you are exploring the world, how beautiful! But if they stop moving, I will pull the threads, until I get back to where you were born.

Never-Ending yarn
Never-Ending yarn

All three sisters accepted their mother’s request and stretched their ankles to their mothers one by one to tie the thread. Before she embarked on her great adventures, every sister took with her something she thought she would need in her new life. He bought a small rug next to him if he needed to add color to his new home. Yolsen, if he needs to go long ways, to his feet wearing thick, hard boots. And Yönsen took his father’s compass in case he lost his way.

Then the three sisters started their exciting journey eastward: hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder on a cloudless sunny day. When they moved a little away from the village, the three sisters encountered a fountain and began to head towards him to relieve their thirst. Suddenly, when she was drinking full water, an old woman appeared before them, making the girls compromise.

The old woman smiled and asked three sisters: ‘What are you looking for on your trips? What are you longing for? ‘If you eat, he was the first to answer: “I am looking for a warm home,” he said without hesitation. Then Yolsen answered. He said to the old woman: ‘I am looking for the power to walk the longest roads.’

Yönsen hesitated for a moment before answering, then said to the old woman: ‘I don’t really know what I’m looking for, I just know I want to leave to go to a new place.’ The old woman laughed at it and said to the three sisters: ‘If you want to find what you want, you must free yourself’. And with these words, he took a pair of scissors out of his pocket and cut the threads on the sisters’ feet.

But since they would feel free to be detached from the house, the three sisters held the threads as tightly as they could hold them. It was really a strange feeling, but the sisters didn’t know what to do. In his little house in the village, the old mother soon realized that the threads were not moving. But, as he said before, he decided to find out where his daughters stood by following the threads. He understood that his daughters had not gone too far because the reels were not too small.

Not letting go after a while, the mother reached the fountain near the village. As he approached the fountain, he saw that the three daughters fell asleep, holding the threads tightly in their hands. The mother slowly picked up the threads from their daughters. He left a note in their place, each of which wrote the same thing. He wrote in the note: ‘It doesn’t matter what you do, the truth is what happens to you’.

We will never know what the three sisters think of this note. We will never know what they decided to do when they wake up. Perhaps, dear reader, it is up to you to decide what happens to every sister

Monkey King and Ghost

A herd of monkeys lived deep in the forest. The king of the apes was very wise. He collected a day herd and: My dear monkey brothers, we are very lucky to live in this forest, but remember we must be careful at all times! Trees and plants can be lush and lush, but they can also contain poisonous fruits. There is clear foaming water in the ponds, but one of them lives a ghost. So don’t eat or drink anything without asking me! ” said.

The next day, one of the monkeys was thirsty. He remembered what the king said and went to speak to him. “Don’t worry, child!” “Let me go and see if the pond is safe,” the king shouted. As he approached the pond, he saw large footprints that went towards the water, but not out of the water. The king understood that the ghost was hiding here. All the monkeys cried, how they drink water, they were fussy. The king comforted them and went to face the ghost.

The ghost laughed, “You have two choices, the monkey king! If the monkeys come and drink water from the pond, I will eat them. Even if they don’t drink, they die of thirst! ” “I must find a solution to this,” the king thought. He asked his monkeys to collect bamboo pieces. He put together hollow bamboo sticks, making a huge pipe that draws water from the pond. Now monkeys could drink water as they wish. “Long live the monkey king!” they started cheering.

The ghost that the ape-king has eaten with his intelligence has returned to the pond with his sullen face! Never give up when things are hard, be patient and smart like the monkey king!

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